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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan

020576: NCV Dad"s Bible: The Father"s Plan Hardcover NCV Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan Hardcover

By Robert Wolgemuth / Thomas Nelson

Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan is the perfect gift for the Fathers, fathers-to-be and father figures of any age. The Dad's Bible is filled with challenging and helpful information designed to encourage and uplift fathers whose lives will be a priceless legacy for generations to come. Whether as a personal purchase, a Father's Day gift, or "just because," Dad's Bible is sure to draw the reader into quality personal time with our Heavenly Father. A perfect companion to the Mom's Bible.

  • Articles

    • Walking in Authority — 100 articles on how dads should walk in the authority God has entrusted to them
    • Godly Character — 100 articles designed to teach and challenge
    • Passing it on — 50 articles about igniting the faith of the next generation
    • Dads in the Bible (30) — a look at the lessons taught by biblical fathers
    • Building your Children — 7 articles about nurturing and developing the potential in your children
    • Insights — 250 articles giving practical, biblical answers to life situations
    • Question and answer section — how to answer the hard questions
  • Topical Index
  • Presentation page
  • Hardcover

Review by Janet Carter

The Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan with notes by Dr. Robert Wolgemuth is a bible designated specifically for fathers. If you are an expectant father or you've been a dad for many years, this Bible offers many lessons, instructions and encouragement to help you become a more godly man and role model for your children and/or grandchildren. The Dad's Bible is published in the New Century Version, meaning it is very easy-to-read and makes comprehension more viable.

I had the pleasure of previously reviewing the Mom's Bible: God's Wisdom for Mothers with notes by Robbie Wolgemuth. And, I was equally excited to be able to review the Dad's Bible for Book Sneeze along with my husband.He did not own a NCV Bible and appreciated the thought and hard work that went into creating this translation. He agrees that it is very easy-to-read. We both appreciate the many features: Insights, Godly Character,Walking in Authority, Dads in the Bible, Question and Answer Resource, Passing It On and the Topical Index.

Similar to the Mom's Bible, you will find the Question and Answer Resource. Each answer will have a scriptural based answer for the tough questions that children sometimes ask. I am sure you will find answers to questions you were not familiar with as well. Here are a few questions that your child may ask: "What is an idol?", "How big is God?", "Why do I sometimes feel that God is not there?" and many others. I like the accountability feature called Passing It On because it challenges dads to live their lives in faith and to allow their children to see them living for God. The Dads in the Bible profiles many fathers in both the Old and New Testament. I like how the Topical Index lists the Dads in the Bible with phrases like : Adam, the Wimpy Father and Mordecai, the Adoptive Father.

I recommend the Dad's Bible for new believers in Christ, for new and expectant fathers, and men of all ages and stages that desire to be godly role models for their families.

Note: You can also purchase a bible study guide for both the Dad's Bible and the Mom's Bible.

I happily received a copy of the Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan for free to review for Book Sneeze.(Thomas Nelson) 
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